Joy of the Day

by La Meccanica Sonora



BASS: Narcís Passolas

DRUMS: Román Gil

GUITARS: Eric Valls, Patricia Serrano

KEYBOARDS: Narcís Passolas


VOCALS: Eric Valls, Narcís Passolas, Román Gil

MIX AND PRODUCTION: Narcís Passolas, Marc Tena, Román Gil

Music Written by: Narcís Passolas
Lyrics Written by: Narcís Passolas, Román Gil

Recorded in: Manlay Sound, Meccanica Studios, Red Bell


Along the day I think on you,
I just see you for the coffee at nine,
We just talked about some things of our lifes,
Just five minutes for the coffee at nine,

Tell me why you're in my head all time,
It seems I won't be able to sleep tonight,

But, I don't know yet, so I'm hopeful that you will see,
That I can't explain what I feel, these things, I don't know why,
are so difficult to me,
But, maybe true, that you're feeling the same, and some love will arrive
or maybe not, who knows what you feel,

Today I have a call from you,
You are living for a change in your life,
At the station the last coffee we have,
Just five minutes 'cuase your train leaves at nine,

Tell me why I'm here with you tonight,
I don't know why you thought on me this time,

Oh how I wish, that this train won't walk anymore
And the staff just won't let you go, they seem to know these things are so difficult to me,
But, maybe true, that you're feeling the same, and you'll stay here with me or maybe not, who knows why you leave,


released May 30, 2012



all rights reserved


La Meccanica Sonora Barcelona, Spain

LMS was born when ex-members of the group "The Danger Mouse" decided to create a group based on improvisation and experimentation.

It currently has the following members;

Narcis Passolas: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Gil Roman: Drums, Vocals

Patricia Serrano: Lead Guitar

Eric Valls: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
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